Place To Visit Duration Per Person Early Reg
GRAND CANYON CLASSIC 3-4 Days $990 / $1185 $940 / $1145
INDIAN GARDEN 3 Days $990 $940
HERMIT LOOP 4-5 Days $1185 / $1395 $1145 / $1325
GRANDVIEW TREK 3-5 Days $990 - $1395 $940 - $1325
WINTER RIM TO RIM 5-6 Days $1340 / $1490 $1273 / $1415
WONDERS OF GRAND CANYON 6 Days $1575 $1496
COLORADO RIVER TRAVERSE 4-6 Days $1185-$1575 $1145-$1496
KANAB CREEK ADVENTURE 7 Days $1595 $1511
HORSESHOE MESA 3 Days $990 $940

Hiking is totally a different activity when compared to that of the trekking. It is popularly known to be the recreational activity; on the other side of the flip, it promotes the physical fitness which is both economical and convenient one. A great advantage is that it requires no special equipment and also there is no any physical strain. It is a popular outdoor activity and the folks can enjoy the walking in the natural environment. There is a list of the hiking organizations globally. A report exclaims that there are many health benefits of the different types of hiking. All over the world, hiking refers to the walking of a longer duration totally a different one on a simple walk. Boots are the most required one for both the hiking and trekking.


What are the types of hiking boots and hiking shoes?

There is a list of the hiking boots and the hiking shoes. The hiking footwear is categorized into the four categories which are totally based on the hiking. The hiking shoes and the sandals are used for the shorter walks in the outdoor session especially for the knocking in and around the camp. Next, the day hiking hoots are used for the moderate hiking such as the day hikes all over the locality. The backpacking hoots are particularly used for the multi-day backpacking trips.

Finally, the mountaineering boots will be the use for the serious hiking, mountain climbing, and ice climbing.


How to avoid the accidents in the hiking?

One of the best ways to prevent the accidents is to plan the trips carefully, the creation of the adequate presentations and also to ensure that the folks enjoy themselves in the safer hiking. It is better to use the acquired skills and also to move on with the companions. In case some of the accidents; occur it is due to the several reasons such as the ignorance of the weather or the land conditions, taking shortcuts, taking risks and behaving hastily etc.


In terms of the higher altitudes, air is the thinner one compared to that of the atmosphere at the sea level. Generally, the folks can experience the height and also vary to the different degrees. If there is a well higher altitude environment then the folks can easily climb without any complications. The mountain accommodations are eventually subjected to the washing facilities. The folks need a lot of the energy and the food should be healthy and quality. Mostly the meal consists of both the local and international cuisine. The special requests can be accommodated at any time. Some of the hiking involves the full-service campaigning experience where all kinds of the equipment are provided. The tents are also provided with higher quality subjected to the environmental conditions.

How to plan for a hiking?

Initially made for the preparations in advance then it is important to choose a proper route. Determination of the physical strength should be calculated. It is better to use the extra care for the planning of the hike in the destinations. The identification of the backup route for the entire unexpected situations is the essential one. Proper training should be provided along with the preparations which are kept on the clear direction posts. A single precaution will also minimize the accidents. Hiking is a group activity, not a single person activity. A happier hike is the result of the teamwork; it is the responsibility of the hiking group to share the tasks. Each group should have a hiking leader with good experience along with the adequate hiking skills. The leader will assign the tasks to the respective members of the group.

In case if there is an accident, the leader will make all the decisions what to do and what not to do. Each and every assigned task should be carried out smoothly and also promote the teamwork in order to encourage and also support the others. Then it is important to have a deputy hiking leader. It is the main job of the deputy leader to take care of the duties if it is needed for any cause. The folks can also go on for the hiking trips.

Next, is the first aid officer who is totally responsible looking after the health of all the members? The folks should also observe the physical conditions of the members who are in the hiking. Finally, the contact person who does not join any of the hiking parts; they should know the planned trip in the detail. At last but not least it is the preparation of the hiking program. This one helps the folks to eradicate the longer routes so that the folks can select for a safer route. In order to help for the hiking and also to evaluate its difficulty; it is better to make a profile of the landforms along with the gradient indications on a scaled grid. In this unique way, one can view the gradient along with the entire route.

The boots with the soft leather along with the thicker soles are suitable for the hiking. The ankle boots are the most perfect one for the hiking. Here, the sports shoes will not be suitable for the long-distance hiking. It is always better to remove the dirt along with a wet cloth each and every time after the use. The finally protect with the cream polish; at any cause do not dry the boots near the open fire. There is a list of the features along with the different hiking boots.

Hiking Long Island FAQs

What is the maximum group size?

The maximum group size on any of our treks is about ten people in order to have a better communication and attention with the guide.

Do I need walking sticks?

Walking stick is a personal preference, some of the people need especially during the treks with many ascents and descents.

What are the cancellation terms and conditions?

You have all the rights to cancel the trips at any time. The refund amount will be transferred to your account.

What happens if I suffer from the altitude illness?

Do not worry about anything we carry our own standard first aid kit and supplies with us on each trek. We also recommend bringing your own supplies and medicines along with prescription as needed.

Is it okay to trek alone?

Trekking alone is a great way to know your country, but for safety reasons, you should ream up along with the guide. So that it will be a great help if you need some medical help.

Where can I get more information and maps?

A travel book guide is the best one to know more about the trekking and hiking. The maps are available in the bookstores.

How should I dress during trekking?

For the men, shirts and long pants will be the best and for the women shirt with slacks or pants is an advisable one. Wearing of shorts is not allowed in the trekking.

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About Hiking Long Island

Hiking Long Island is a popular hiking company in the Long Island, New York. This gigantic company guides the tourist and the travelers in the hiking in various places all across the Long Island. Our professional team carries all kind of the supplies and the equipment which include the favorite food and the delicious meal. The team includes the guides; porters have all hiked the hills and the mountains for many years. You need not worry about anything, we will help with your pack, keep always motivated with the care and the compassion.