East Hampton

The East Hampton Trails has a dense forest of the white pines and it is well known for its north western woods.

The pinus strobus is one of the most common one in Maine. On the other side of the flip, a few of the man-made groves were planted in the colonial times. It is said to be that the white pine forest is a natural phenomenon and also it is the largest conifer in the Northeast United States. This one will be the softest and slender blue-green needles and also it is totally distinguished from the white pine of the East Hampton. The white pine’s stature is a beautiful tree which is erect, straight and even grand. The best examples of the white pine forest can be found in and around the Northwest Palm. White pine forest covers several acres of the land and also it extends all over the southern part of the Grace Estate. At the same time, the forest is also carpeted along with the pine needles.